Power Source Trading

Company Info

Company Information

Our Goals
To provide the highest standards of product and services with excellent customer services. To satisfy the technical requirements and specification of the customers. To support our customers in meeting their project demands in terms of delivery with our stock availability. To assist our customers in all stages of project through our highly skilled and dedicated employees & Engineers.

Our View
Power Source A Leading Trading Company Specialized in (Medium Voltage System, Low Voltage System , Panel Boards & Its Components , Grounding& Lightning Protection System , Cables & Its Accessories , Lighting System And First Fix Materials , Low Current Systems).

Our Vision
To be the leader of power solution and all its relative branches, and reaching to the maximum satisfaction level for our all costumers in KSA.

We are committed to all SEC SASO, BS, and I EC Codes.
We are committed to materials and equipment standard.
We assure you that we provide high-quality services and accessories to Complete your job in best & suitable economical way.
Our aim is to build a good business relationship with in the near Future.

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Lighting Control System


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