Civil Defense

Civil Defense


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The excellence in performance to protect lives and properties regionally and internationally.



Work professionally to preserve lives and properties, protect them from risks and disasters during peace and war times, spread preventive awareness through qualified personnel, modern  equipment, and excellent partnerships and  collaboration.



Piety, courage, humanity, cooperation, loyalty and honesty.



Civil Defense tasks are focused on maintaining the national resources of the country and protecting the lives of the public.  In order to perform these tasks, the General Directorate of Civil Defense will use all available methods to spread awareness, warning and safety messages to the public in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  In case of an emergency, Civil Defense will immediately communicate with all people to ensure they follow proper safety procedures.

 We, at Civil Defense, are proud of our ability to employ the revolution in media for our own advantage, such as social networks, Civil Defense applications, not to mention the latest vehicles and technical equipment, manpower we have. Moreover, the General Directorate of Civil Defense launched a website to reach out to all people to spread different awareness messages.  In addition to all this, the General Directorate of Civil Defense has succeeded in building effective partnerships with a large number of printed and electronic newspapers, national and international TV channels, to broadcast awareness programs about all types of risks that may threaten the safety of lives and properties.  These programs, also, provide the public with the minimum requirement of skills and knowledge about how to avoid those risks and reduce the amount of damage, if it happened, God forbids.

 The increase of public awareness about safety requirements and their appreciation of the sacrifice and efforts of our personnel are the outcome of Civil Defense's success in implementing large number of electronic windows to communicate with the public.  These electronic windows are an important mean of communication between Civil Defense's commands and their personnel stationed throughout the country, which allowed to identify their needs and the hardships they encounter on their places of work and then seek to provide solutions.

 The modern communication technologies has enabled Civil Defense to commemorate the names of Civil Defense martyrs, who gave their lives on duty and presented the finest examples of sacrifice.

 Because our goal is the safety of the public, our doors will always remain open for everyone.  We will also communicate through different electronic windows to identify the degree of public satisfaction on the services we provide.  Finally, we are always ready to provide more martyrs and answer call duty for the sake of our country and its people.



• The concept of civil defense

i. The definition of civil defense:
Civil defense in Saudi Arabia as it is known by the civil defense system released by Royal Decree NO. M/10 on 05-10-1406, correspond=ding to 20-01-1986 is: a set of measures and actions necessary for protecting the citizens, public and private properties from fire hazards, disasters, wars and different accidents plus helping devastated people, providing the safety of transportations, communications, and the best organizing in public utilities in addition to the protection of national wealth during the times of war, peace, and emergency situations.

ii. Historical Background
The first fire brigade was established in Mecca in 1346 H in 1926 AD.
This group joined General Security Service and was called the presidency of all the fire fighters.
On 15/07/1963 H 23/05/1948 a fire brigade has been established in Medina as well as in Riyadh and Jeddah.
In 1380 H in 1960 the fire brigade was separated from the General Security and was given the name of General Directorate of the fire fighting and was directly related to the Interior Ministry.
In 24/03/1985H 22/07/1965 a Royal Decision No. 6358 was taken to change the name of the General Directorate of Civil Defense.

iii. The work of the civil defense during peace time:
1) Providing relief to the affected people in emergency situations.
2) Training the volunteers to carry out the acts of civil defense.
3) Organizing the rules and the means of industrial safety and security.
4) Fire fighting, fire extinguisher, rescue, and ambulance.
5) Establishing operating rooms, centers for civil defense and identifying the necessary specifications and supervisions of the shelters to protect the population.
6) Creating and preparing the civil defense formations of different majors and processing it with the necessary equipments and means.
7) Storage of various materials and equipment necessary to sustain life in war emergencies and disastrous situations.
8) The preparation and implementation of the necessary actions that aims to achieve safety and to avoid disasters and to remove its effects in addition to providing cash subsidy.
9) Use the media to achieve the objectives of civil defense.
10) Implementation of the plans of evacuation and accommodation in emergency cases.

iv. The work of civil defense during war time
1) Organizing the rules and the means of warning concerning dangers and air raids.
2) Prevention of air raids and the effects of destructive weapons.
3) Restrictions on lighting.
4) Restrictions on traffic.

v. The civil defense in Saudi Arabia consists of:
1) Civil defense council.
2) Preparatory Committee of the ;council of civil defense.
3) Local committees on civil defense.
4) General directorate of civil defense.

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