About Us

Learn more about the modern platform that facilitate the access into the most identical products and the most convenient suppliers from all around KSA.

A unique platform specially designed to meet the Buyers requirements in the Saudi market by using tools that facilitate the access into the most identical products and the most convenient suppliers from all around KSA. Resulted in a host of great experiences in Supply Chain Management and Project management to represent the best, modern, practical and useful choice for both buyers (contractors) and suppliers.

Why Project Suppliers is your best choice ?!

For Buyers (Contractors)

Specialized Search Tools

By using search tools you can find any required products by searching in several ways, such as; search by supplier, search by product\ service or search by brand. Also, the search tool shows the approvals for each product, which will save your time by reaching approved suppliers that meets your requirements directly.

Simple and Practical RFQ System

you are one click away of reaching all potential suppliers within no time. Also, you can follow up the RFQs with the suppliers easily.

Updated Huge Database offers you a huge supplier’s database with full updates of the suppliers’ details including contact details, products, new brands and new suppliers.

More Identical Suppliers

The main aim for to empower your procurement department choice of suppliers that covers all project requirements. By choosing the most identical supplier with the best prices, delivery and payment methods.

Follow Up provides you with full follow up system, it includes all what you need to keep in touch with the suppliers to guarantee to get the required quotations.

Reporting System provides you a reporting system that shows all the RFQs Requested by you with fully details about every single RFQ. Such as; the product details, the suppliers, the status of the request, etc.

For Suppliers

More RFQs, More Inquiries, More Orders

By using you will have more specialized RFQs for your products once its required in the market, through our huge customer database, which can raise your ability to compete on more inquiries this in turn guarantee you more orders.

Never Lose a Customer

whenever you decide to resign and hire new sales people, you will not lose their connections. All of them are available in our website, all you have to do is to update the contact details.

Few Steps for Best Results

you can save your time & efforts by sending your inquiries to all concerned suppliers in few seconds. Our easy, practical & pioneer platform built to be useful & simple for all customers.

Follow Up offers a great follow up tool for the suppliers that contain both internal and external follow up within the company and with the customers as well.

Reporting System also has a great feature for the requested price offers by the customers that can be collected in a special report including full details about it.