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Since the modern state of Saudi Arabia was first founded by King Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, May Allah rest his soul in peace , the public health and disease control were among the government’s top priorities. The creation of the Kingdom’s healthcare system coincided with King Abdul Aziz’s takeover of Al Hijaz and his designation of Mecca as the first Saudi capital.

The guidance of the founding King of Saudi Arabia allowed the new government to overcome the many obstacles and challenges in the early days of the nation, despite a lack of native resources and expertise. HRH’s strategy was to strengthen the Kingdom’s cooperation with international organizations and to collaborate with highly-qualified foreign experts.  In addition to keeping pace with the latest international healthcare developments, the King also focused on building a strong infrastructure for a comprehensive health sector that would serve all regions of the Kingdom.  


In 1343H./1925, King Abdul Aziz established the Public Health Department in Makkah Al-Mukaramah. In 1344H./1925, Public Health and Ambulance was established to meet the needs of the Kingdom’s health and environmental sectors.  The PHA built hospitals and health centers across the Kingdom and issued and enforced regulations to guarantee adequate standards for the practicing of medicine and pharmacology.


The increasing scope of healthcare services needed in the Kingdom during that period, including care for Hajj and Umrah performers, created the need for the formation of a Public Health Council. This council was the highest-level supervisory board in the Kingdom, and oversaw all aspects of healthcare, including all hospitals and healthcare centers nationwide. The council’s main goals included the development of a skilled healthcare workforce, as well as the control of the diseases and epidemics which were prevalent during that time.    


Eventually, it was necessary to create a large-scaled specialized organization to carry out the Kingdom’s health affairs. Hence, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has been established by virtue of a Royal decree No. 5/11/8697 dated 26​-8-1370H./1915. Thus, King Abdul Aziz’s early vision of modern national healthcare services was well on its way towards becoming a reality.   


Accomplished MOH Projects

Construction Projects:

MOH made various achievements during the last five years, such as establishing health centers, hospitals, specialized centers and medical cities. In this regard, MOH conducted a comprehensive study to update its hospitals’ designs to become in line with the international standards as it allocated a single room to every patient in the new designs. Also, the Ministry took into account safety standards, infection control and the safe disposal of medical wastes, dangerous chemicals, nuclear materials and others. In addition, the new designs included places for car parking, necessary green spaces as well as enough spaces for air conditioning and firefighting units, and others


Tenders and Procurement

​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has been involved in the project of the Government Procurement Electronic System «Etimad»​, which is one of the most important basics of e-government. The State, represented by the Ministry of Finance (MOF), shows a great concern to these important national projects. This Sysetm will ensure the unification and facilitation of government tenders and procurement procedures in all government sectors. It will also support the principle of transparency among government entities and suppliers, as well as facilitating the supplier's procedures to reach the largest segment of them, which will positively reflects on boosting the spirit of competition and quality. The government competition and procurement system aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Automating the system of government tenders and procurement.
  2. Unifying government procurement procedures and processes, and establishing a unified standard system.
  3. Updating procedures and work models to enhance the efficiency of procurement and contracting processes under the system of government competition and procurement to raise the of performance and quality level and improve processes.
  4. Enhancing monitoring and auditing systems on procurement processes.
  5. Maximizing economic returns by saving time, effort, costs and reducing waste.
  6. Enhancing the spirit of justice and transparency and contribute to the fight the financial and administrative corruption. 
  7. Cooperation, continuous communication, participation and exchange of data and information between government agencies as well as the private sector.
  8. Enhancing the use of e-government transactions.  

For more information about MOH's current and archived tenders, please visit the Government Procurement Portal «Etimad» through the following steps:

  • Select (The Ministry of Health or Ministry of Health VRO) in the field of (Government Agency).
  • For Current MOH Tenders, you can select (Do not show closed tenders​).
  • For Archived​ MOH Tenders, you can select (show finished tenders).


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