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About Schneider Electric Solar

We are the Solar Business of Schneider Electric. With our strong heritage in solar power conversion and energy management expertise, and working closely with our network of solar professionals such as installers and distributors, we offer solar solutions for homes and industries around the globe.

As an industry leader, the Solar Business of Schneider Electric is focused on designing and developing products and solutions for the solar power conversion chain and providing best-in-class global customer services and technical support.


Why Schneider Electric Solar Services?

 » Why Schneider Electric Solar Services

Protect your solar investment with Schneider Electric’s worldwide network

Leverage Schneider Electric’s worldwide network. We offer services in over 110 countries providing 6,000 Solar experts in all regions / time zones. From spare parts replacement to long-term power plant services, our experts provide continuous high-level support in order to ensure the optimum performance of your PV plants.
The Schneider Electric global footprint in all countries makes us a truly global company with local knowledge and footprint.


Regional Hub Benefits

The Regional Hub is accountable for:

  • 24/7 hotline with L1 / L2 services operation specialists
  • Scheduler and dispatchers
  • Dedicated field service engineers
  • Dedicated control room
  • Single point of contact for spare parts


Why partner with Schneider Electric Solar Business?

  • Our solutions are designed for fast, easy and efficient servicing
  • We have adapted our footprint to better attend to your needs
  • Minimize your total cost of ownership with our service offers
  • Advanced analytics capabilities to reduce component failures



Schneider Electric offers a broad range of solar products for grid-tie string inverters, residential energy storage, and solar monitoring. Click on each icon to learn more.


Grid-tie String Inverters


  • CL-60 E String Inverter

  • CL36 String Inverter IEC

  • CL 30/33/50 String Inverter

Residential Energy Storage

Storage Inverter/Charger

  • XW Pro 230V

  • XW Pro 120/240V

  • XW+ 230V

  • SW 230V

  • SW 120/240V

Solar Power Distribution Panels

  • Conext SW Power Distribution Panels

  • Conext XW+ Power Distribution Panels

  • Battery Fuse Combiner Box

Charge Controllers

  • Conext MPPT 100 600

  • Conext MPPT 80 600

  • Conext MPPT 60 150

  • MPPT Disconnect RS


  • Conext Configuration Tool

  • Conext System Control Panel

  • Conext Automatic Generator Start

  • Conext Battery Monitor

Insight Energy Management

  • Insight

  • InsightHome and InsightFacility

  • Conext Gateway


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