Aldrees Industrial & Trading Company (ALITCO)

Company Info

Company Information

Our Vision:
To contribute in making the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the world’s number one industrial source within the global economy.
Our Message:
To achieve the maximum and the fastest growth, particularly in the industrial field, and the trading field in general, by achieving constant development, and making valuable alliances, while conducting research and benefiting from global experiences.

Our Mission:
Providing our clients with the highest added value in their fields of investments through presenting them with excellent and innovative services in designing, producing, distributing, constructing, and maintaining industrial and architectural products.

Our Strategic Values:
ALITCO seeks to implement a strategic plan that makes it a great competitor and an excellent service provider. The Company is based on 3 pillars; ethics, which is presented first, then clients, followed by profit, and this order is considered the most important factor in achieving sustainable success. When a company considers its profits more important than ethics or clients, money becomes the most important part, and this could justify any kind of behavior towards achieving it. Whereas ALITCO, puts ethics on top of the list, and then focuses on clients and profits

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