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Company Information

SANA Creative Systems (SCS) for Contracting, Trading, Control systems and Testing & Balancing is a general engineering services establishment, operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specialized in mechanical and electrical trading, control and construction works, where its included four departments:
• SANA Contracting
• SANA Trading
• SANA Control Systems
• SANA Testing & Balancing

SANA Trading:
We SANA engineering trading company with more than 12 years of experience in the trading business specializing in importing and distributing the latest technologies wide range of world-renowned brands, such as HVAC, refrigeration, and air purification systems.

SANA is a leading distributor in Saudi Arabia for electromechanical products such as Clima Control VRF Systems ( Le Clima Europe Ltd-Italian brand) ,Rosenberg Fans, Airtecnics Air Curtains, Ideal Pump, and Bristol Fire Fighting Solutions.

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