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Company Information

The International Recruitment Company is one of the leading companies in the field of recruitment, and it is a national joint stock company with a capital of one hundred million Saudi riyals. It represents an alliance of major recruitment offices in the Kingdom and provides its services in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through 30 branches around the Kingdom and its main headquarters is in Jeddah. In addition to the activity of mediating the recruitment of scientifically and professionally qualified workers

To be the leading company in a renewed world, in which we achieve the aspirations of our customers and contribute to excellence in the organization of the labor market and the recruitment of labor and attract the best competencies for various professions.

Social Responsibility
As a result of our affiliation with this precious country, Saudi Arabia, we are fully committed to the active participation in providing employment services in various professions and nationalities through the provision of labor services to others under the umbrella of the Saudi Ministry of Labor to provide human resources. Specialized and qualified in the public sector and the private sector to contribute to the development of this country, which the honorable government pays attention to.

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