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Steps To Shift From Traditional Marketing to E-Marketing

11 May 2022
7 min read

Steps to shift from traditional marketing to e-marketing

It is known and seen that it has become clear that the concept of “marketing” has changed in the last ten years from what it has been for hundreds of years, as marketing has shifted from the traditional form to the era of websites, websites, mobile applications, social media, digital search engines, video sites and broadcasting. District..
All of these tools make up what is now known as digital marketing or internet marketing, which is a general term for all marketing and selling activities that take place through online tools and channels.

With the entry of digital and electronic technology into the world of marketing and sales in construction and engineering projects, and with what this technology also represents an urgent need for business owners and suppliers of products, services and projects, the importance of shifting from traditional general marketing to updated electronic and digital marketing, and with it also increases greatly in the growth of projects. And its prosperity, spreading the brand, reaching a larger number of customers, ease of targeting the right audience, expanding the scope of work, low cost to companies, and high investment returns..
Here comes the question:
How does the company begin to shift to this new marketing strategy?
In this article, we review the most important mechanisms and methods of transformation from traditional marketing to digital marketing for companies, reviewing the importance of each point, and what are the desired returns from it:

First / before starting the transformation process in its entirety, all the company's work is reviewed, written down, the most prominent problems that may hinder digital transformation, and an attempt to harmonize between general marketing and digital marketing..
After that, the search for a technical and software team begins to develop the "proposed electronic project", which may be an application on smart phones, an electronic platform, or just presence and presence through social media..
It is concerned with searching for the best developers of systems and applications, presenting files, ideas, project content or services owned by the company to them in order to have a complete vision of the nature and objectives of the company, and discussing them sufficiently and adequately, which enhances the integration and success of the digital transformation of the company..

Second / knowing the target customers, which is one of the most important factors for the success of the digital transformation in the company. Rather, it is the common part between electronic and traditional marketing, and it is concerned during the transformation stages that the “customer” is the goal and the first goal in the digital transformation, and draw your marketing plan for it..

And for that, during the transformation process, he is keen to redraw and improve the customer’s purchasing stages, and update the “customer journey” transformation plan that he is going through, whether he is (a potential customer)

Or was current client (sold)

or was a frequent (permanent) customer

The role of digital marketing here is to help communicate your brand to leads, build it, attract leads, and then convert leads into sales and real customers.

Third / drawing up the company’s marketing plan, and the most appropriate mechanisms for providing its products and services electronically, and here specifically the company’s digital transformation pillar.
The plan is divided into two parts:

1- Marketing plan for the platform and website.

2- Marketing plan on social media platforms.

1- Marketing plan for the platform and website:
Usually, the preparation of the marketing plan for the platform is one-time and permanent, if it is fixed on one software format, with the continuous updating of the tools and services provided by the company and handled by the programmer of the platform and site..
Perhaps some of the important things that must be taken care of when drawing up the marketing plan for the site or platform are as follows:

- That the content of the platform be clear and smooth, and make the user like the display, and that the displayed content is detailed in an acceptable manner without any boring increase or defective decrease, and at the same time it attracts the user and makes him a trusted and permanent visitor..

- He also makes sure that the shape and colors of the platform or website are comfortable for the eye, if sometimes the color and template displayed are a reason for the user to stay or leave the site and the platform..

The company should be keen to establish the feature of communicating with the user, either through feedback forms and tools, or means of communication, e-mail, and the company’s website, as this will inevitably leave the user with a distinctive and effective impression, and the aim of all is to improve user satisfaction..

- Availability of the e-mail subscription feature on the platform, as it is the link between the platform and the user so that he can access everything new on the platform.

- Adding a search tool within the platform to make it easier for the user to access the services and products he wants, in order to save the user the trouble of searching without benefit.

Make sure to use high-quality images, but in small sizes, if it helps to quickly open or close the platform, and makes it easier for the user to browse through it.

And, of course, other important matters that must be taken care of to improve the user's presence on the platform and the company's website.

2- The marketing plan through social media platforms, and perhaps the most important and most useful of these platforms for companies are: (Facebook, Twitter, Likendan, Instagram..)
Before talking about these platforms, we should note that any digital transformation project via the Internet needs to exploit all possible and available marketing channels, as this helps to reach the target segment with its various interests, types, and locations.

The most important digital marketing tools in social media are as follows:

Opening and preparing accounts for the company on all platforms and organizing them in a distinctive and attractive way, making designs and videos related to the company’s goals and marketing objective, and taking care of the tools available on the platforms in order to provide information about the company’s services and products.

Continuous work on funded advertising campaigns, and keenness to improve and know the most prominent methods of targeting, and the mechanism and division of the large market into smaller segments, in order to focus on the target group.


Marketing through search engines (SEO), by improving the company’s brand through it, and ensuring its presence on the first pages.


- Email marketing campaigns, through which you will be able to generate high quality, extended and continuous leads, which will result in expanding your customer base and increasing sales and revenue for your brand..

Advertising through influencers and celebrities, specifically in the field of services and products offered by the company.

Content marketing, as it is considered one of the most important digital marketing methods, and a unique factor in attracting, acquiring, and interacting with the target audience, and all of this is done through creating “value, sales, or entertainment” content related to the product and service provided by the company, including Also blogs, landing pages.

Fourth / Determining the appropriate budget for the transformation process, which includes all project requirements, calculating the start-up and establishment period, and the stages of growth to reach the stage of collecting the required profits. This will reassure you of the surprises and obstacles that may occur during this process.

Fifth / Identifying the employees, partners, and investment entities in the project early, and making sure to choose the best and distinguished, the owners of experiences, and serious investors, and all of this will be reflected in the performance of the transformation and marketing work in a positive and distinctive way.

Sixth / full-time on the part of the company’s management, and not relying only on employees, and make sure to combine the follow-up of marketing in the company in its traditional form, and the digital transformation of the marketing process in its electronic form. Conversion and e-marketing for the company.

Seventh / not to rush profits, as it is not expected during the transformation and establishment period to achieve any profits or sufficient revenues.

Rather, it is a cumulative process that leads you to the final result, which is the collection of promising, real and continuous profits.

in conclusion ..
Any company that conducts its business today away from electronic and digital marketing writes its end and conclusion with its own hands, and e-marketing in its general sense is much more than promotional mechanisms and means for services and products..

For even with a huge segment and a large consumer market taking shape and relying on the internet and communication platforms for everything, any company or business that has not established itself on the internet yet has been missing a goldmine of potential customers.

In this time, it is not possible for business owners and companies to rely on the old ways to develop their businesses and profits.. In addition, presence and presence on the Internet and communication platforms help the business to appear professional, and give it high credibility with customers and those interested, even if the presence is simple. .


Wessam Jaber

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