7 common CV writing mistakes that keep you out of any job

11 Sep 2022
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   Writing a CV or CV/Resume is the best way for a person to introduce himself and market his skills and experiences among his business managers, as it is a detailed document that clarifies the individual’s job experience and academic career in a professional way to obtain a job opportunity. The CV can be considered as a passport to reach the stage of the personal interview, without which the individual will not be able to obtain his opportunity to work, training and other various job opportunities. There is no doubt that if you want to compete for a job that you have applied for, your resume must be perfect without any errors. Therefore, in this article, we will review the most important mistakes that can be made when creating a resume, which subsequently affect the chances of getting job interviews.

The importance of a CV:

● A CV is a good way for a person to remember everything he has achieved in his life and in his professional and academic career, which then enables him to know his strengths and weaknesses in skills or academic qualifications..

● A reflection of your personality, therefore, it must be prepared perfectly without errors that may affect your access to a job opportunity..

● Your resume is like marketing to hiring managers; It must be effective and persuasive.

● The CV is of great importance as it serves as an effective way to refresh his memory before doing the interview for a job..

Components of a CV

There are a number of elements and components that must be present in any CV in order to express the professionalism of the person and his ability to apply for this job; Where employers do not consider an incomplete or incomplete CV.

  These elements are: Personal information.
● Aim.
● Education and qualifications.
● Professional experiences.
● courses.
● skills.
● Hobbies.
● Prizes and rewards.
● Volunteer work.
● Reference / contacts .

7 common CV writing mistakes that keep you out of any job

1. Resume file naming

Naming the resume file with wrong or random names such as my latest cv - my updated resume - mine - CV of 2019
 One of the most common errors. So that your CV is correct and pays off; The file must be named with your correct triple name in order to make it easier for the receiving party to arrange it and archive it with the rest of the requests..

2. Spelling errors
Nothing is worse than submitting a misspelled resume! This is one of the points that give a bad impression on your CV and your personality as a job seeker and can exclude you because of your disregard for this document to the point that you sent the file without even reviewing it!
Whether you review it yourself, or ask someone else to do it, making sure your resume is spelled correctly from start to finish can be the difference between being accepted and rejected.

3. Write everything in your CV
To write everything down so that your resume is completely full is wrong. The ideal CV is one that does not exceed one page, so instead of focusing on the length of the CV, focus on its quality.
First, this document is read in a short time for reading by the employer (the average reading does not exceed 30 seconds in most cases), so employers prefer that the requirements of the job you will apply for in terms of experience, qualifications and skills are included in your CV only. If you want to apply for a job in the field of management and economics, it is not necessary to mention that you work as a trainer in gyms.
Second, it is preferable to assign a specific resume to each specific job or advertisement so that the latter is strong in terms of your information and has enough time to read. When the company sees that the applicant has done research about the company and prepared their resume based on the job description, they will really be inclined to connect with that applicant.

4.  False or inaccurate information
It is important to be confident and sure of your skills and what you have to offer. But don't lie or exaggerate your experiences or describe your skills, these are common mistakes! Keep in mind that you will be discussed in a written word on your resume. We advise you to be honest about what you know and are still eager to learn and to refrain from lying or exaggerating. And don't forget that skills can always be learned.

5.  Exaggerate the file format
Good or bad formatting is one of the first things an employer will notice on your resume, and exaggeration in file formatting such as too many colors and icons, and using different types of fonts and formats can go badly on you. Or if the format is so bad, no one will want to read your resume as it looks like you don't pay close attention to detail.

6.  Putting wrong contact information
Putting wrong or outdated contact information is a common mistake when submitting a resume. This is because most people tend to focus on the main content rather than the small details. It is6. possible that you are suitable for the job vacancy, but the company cannot contact you because the name or personal email is written in a wrong way, or the phone number mentioned for communication is incomplete, wrong, out of service, or even your address is not updated.

7. A 5-minute CV
Most resume sites offer a "Create Your Resume in 5 Minutes" title for anyone who wants to create their resume. Unfortunately, this is just a marketing advertisement that plays an important role in the psyche of the recipient.

You cannot give a document that defines your future at work only 5 minutes of your time!

Be sure that this site will not mention important things, spelling errors or incorrect contact information. It is best to give yourself enough time to create your CV. It can be a whole day or a week to write down everything you know about your professional and educational life, as well as the skills you have mastered towards the vacancy you want to apply for. And do not forget that the content is the most important, do not mention unimportant details and avoid writing personal information about you.

 Remember, the goal is for your resume to properly represent you and your skills and experience.

If you send your CV to more than one job application and you are not answered positively or negatively. It is a matter of common mistakes that can be made. And it may be time to give your resume a much-needed makeover. There are many common mistakes that many job applicants make that can greatly reduce the chance of getting a job. We mentioned them in this article, get to know them.

Walaa Hasan

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