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Asbestos surveys are the inspection of a property or building with the aim of locating and identifying asbestos containing materials. There are three types of asbestos survey. An asbestos management survey, an asbestos refurbishment survey and an asbestos demolition survey. Any type of asbestos survey should detail the exact location of the asbestos containing materials. The survey should detail the extent and amount of asbestos. The surveyor must also include the condition of the asbestos they identify, detailing any potential risk associated with its condition. Once this information has been gathered (location, extent, condition, material, and asbestos type), the asbestos surveyor must carry out a risk assessment of any asbestos that has been identified. The asbestos survey material risk assessment will detail any risk of potential asbestos fibre release which could lead to asbestos exposure. This assessment will take into consideration the purpose of the asbestos survey. Management,

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