PVC Coated Pipe Strap - Clamp Back Spacer - PVC Coated Beam Clamps & U Bolts - PVC Coated Conduit Clamp Hanger



Product Information

The PVC coated pipe strap is used to securely mount the duct to a wall or other support structure. It is available in two styles: a single-hole wrought iron strap or a two-hole stamped steel strap. Mounting hardware is not provided.
The PVC coated clamp back spacer is used with malleable or sealed tubing straps to provide a mounting position for a duct from a wall or other structure.
PVC Coated Beam Clamps are used to securely support sewer tracks by attaching them to beams, angles, struts and other structural members.
PVC coated duct hanger with threaded rod is used to securely suspend running ducts supported from above. They are provided with stainless steel appliances.

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