The Roles of Procurement Department

30 Jun 2020
2 min read

Procurement department is responsible for managing the company's spending and interacting with the rest of the company to achieve better cooperation.

 Procurement officers are responsible for negotiating contracts with suppliers, identifying good sources at a good price and tracking related financial matters.


Communication & negotiation skills are the KEY.


By building and training an effective team with appropriate skills, the company can depend on the success of the procurement team by achieving the desired profits and controlling the company’s spending in line with the company’s goals, in contrast to employing people who are technically inappropriate in the procurement department and do not have the activity and communication and negotiation skills It will affect the company negatively in material terms and the progress of the project.


Communication skills is not only to negotiate  suppliers, but also terms of access and interaction with the rest elements of the company so that everyone works according to the company strategy and vision , one of the main aspects of procurement department is its responsibility to interact with other departments such as project management and financial management to make sure that project has the required supplies to ensure work progress within the project schedule .


Senior procurement staff must have the access to many suppliers to improve procurement operation. Staying abreast of purchasing strategies, changes in the economy and procurement technology, can lead to successful procurement.

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