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Brand Information

WallMax® was founded by experienced professionals from internationally established companies in the industrial manufacturing business. The expertise of our management team spans over decades of cumulated experience in the field. WallMax® has a transnational approach to take the best of each world location in terms of research and development, know-how, cost of labor and resources availability, to transform WallMax® into a brand name of reliance and confidence.

Wallmax® envisions to leverage on the various skillsets and competencies within the managerial team to optimize our corporate functionalities, both in terms of location and operation.

WallMax®’s vision is to deliver to our clients the best wall feed-through solutions. Our knowledge of the products coupled with our strategic geographic locations allows us to capitalize both on the technological know-how and maximize our resource allocation. With these attributes, WallMax® is able to optimize productivity and enhance customer service and satisfaction.

WallMax® products are built on the premise of providing:

Product safety and security with a comprehensive range of products
Ability and ease of maintenance of sealing solutions
Resiliency and reliability of product offering
Excellence in product quality and efficiency of installation

The above conjugates WallMax® desire to meet and exceed our customers’ expectation with product that are Par Excellence. Making WallMax® the supplier of choice re-enforcing our moniker – WallMax® Sealing Confidence.

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