Brand Information

Vemat Motori is a firm that has been producing electric motors for many years. It’s recognized among the leaders of national and international market.  Vemat Motori is a firm that answers to the most different applications thanks to its  research along with the experience and the continuous technical updating.


The policy of investment has always been pursued and it privileges the quality and the reliability of the products that, together with a flexible organization of production and a high-level professionalism of the personnel,  allows to offer a range of products that are the result of both a good research and a continuous development.


The cycle of production assures a constant quality guaranteed by the certification of the used materials and by the continuous controls performed during the processes of production.


Range of products: three phase asynchronous electric motors from frame size 56 up to 630; single phase asynchronous electric motors from frame size 56 up to 100.

Production of special motors is also included, according to customer’s request.

Our Products

Three-phase electric motors IE1 – IE2 –IE3 – IE4
Single-phase electric motors – For compressors – With high starting torque

Three-phase motors

Asynchronous three-phase electric motors efficiency classes IE1, IE2, IE3 and IE4, 2-4-6-8 poles, closed-externally ventilated, cage rotor, IP55 – Class F protection rating, frame size UNEL/IEC from 56 to 630.



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