Brand Information

SPERONI s.p.a., whose history of ongoing expansion in the field of motor-driven pumps started in 1946 at Castelnovo di Sotto, was created and initially managed by its founder, Mr GIUSEPPE SPERONI. At a time when the economy was mainly agricultural, he sensed the importance of mechanical applications for servicing the agricultural world and, thanks to his skills as a businessman, he exploited at best the vast opportunities for growth during the post war period. Continuous investments in his staff and equipment resulted in the company’s rapid entry into a widely expanding market, which crossed the Italian borders in the 70’s.



  • SURFACEVolumetricsCentrifugalsSelf-priming
  • Motor PumpsPressure SystemPumps for PoolsAccessori
  • SUBMERGEProfessionalFor DrainageFor Charged Water
  • Multistage 4"Multistage 6"Submerged Engines
  • PRESSURE GROUPSElectrical CabinetInverter

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