Brand Information

Sassin International Electric Shanghai Co., Ltd.

As one of the leading enterprises in the low voltage electrics field in China, SASSIN International Electric Shanghai Co., Ltd is committed to offering the low voltage electric solutions for different fields customers from different countries and regions around the world, to satisfying worldwide customers’ requirements on utilizing energy more safely and conveniently, helping customers to constantly improve production efficiency and energy efficiency, and reducing their impact on the environment.


SASSIN was established in 1993, the headquarter is located in Shanghai China, it has 1500 employees, 2 sites of own factory and 3 sites of joint venture factory. The low-voltage electric products which were designed and manufactured there are exported to more than 120 countries and regions around the world. 

SASSIN focuses on the global market, driving the company development with technical R&D. SASSIN is committed to researching and developing different low-voltage electric products to satisfy the different requirements from customers all over the world. With the trend of intelligent electricity, SASSIN has developed the smart electric devices and Smart Power Management System - SPMS to protect the safety of life and property, make the electricity management easily and remotely in any time at any place, and improve the power efficiency. In order to achieve the quick R&D, SASSIN has set up the Test Center including a 10kA Short Circuit Breaking Laboratory, the Test Center has been certified by the CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment).


Quality is company's life. SASSIN is always sparing no effort to promote the construction of quality management system and improve it. For this purpose, SASSIN implemented the Total Quality Management System, and oriented by market and customers, to drive the employees and suppliers focusing on the continuous improvement of product quality. SASSIN has been certified by the ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environment Management System. Our products are certified by CCC, KEMA, VDE, TUV, EAC, INMETRO etc.

New Products

  • Super Series 
    • Power Distribution Electrics 
    • Modular DIN Rail Devices 
    • Industrial Control and Protection 
  • Pro Series 
    • Power Distribution Electrics 
    • Modular DIN Rail Devices 
    • Industrial Control and Protection 
  • Echo Series 
    • Power Distribution Electrics 
    • Modular DIN Rail Devices 
    • Industrial Control and Protection 
  • Switches and Relays 
    • Load Break Switches
    • Fuse Combination Switches
    • Fuse Disconnector Switches
    • Low Voltage Fuses
    • Rotary Change-over Cam Switches
    • Pushbutton Switches
    • Switches
    • Relays
  • Power Sources 
    • Automatic Voltage Stabilizers
    • TDGC2J/TSGC2J Series Voltage Regulators
    • Inverters
    • Back-up UPS
    • Switching Power Supplies
    • JBK3 Control Transformers
  • Meters & Electrical Accessories 
    • DDS989/DTS989 Series Electronic Kilowatt Hour Meters
    • Panel Meters
    • MSQ Series Current Transformers
    • BSMJ/BGMJ Series Power Capacitors
    • 3SM Series Universal Metal Boxes
    • Industrial Plugs and Sockets
    • Electric Bell & Buzzers
    • Cable Gland & Water-resistant Junction & Insulators
    • Terminal Blocks
    • Preinsulated Terminals
  • Smart Electricity 
    • Smart Electrical Devices


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