ROM Energy

ROM Energy


Brand Information

ROM Energy Electronic Systems is a total solution provider to power electronics.

We offer outstanding reliability, competitive pricing and exceptional service for over 27 years.




Uninterruptible Power Supplies

True double conversion design online UPS is for commercial and industrial devices.


Voltage Stabilizers

Microcontroller controlled servo drive and tyhristor based static structure heavy duty devices which regulates mains voltage for critical loads.

Frequency Converters

Solid state topology and selectable input-output frequency converter.


Industrial Inverters

Pure sine wave output IGBT controlled inverters. Transformer based structure offers stability.


Industrial Battery Chargers

Intelligent, micro-processor-controlled charging unit powered by a multi-stage charge algorithm appropriate for every battery type.


Plating Rectifiers

Thyristor controlled or IGBT switchmode technology, air, oil or water cooled 500-50000 Amp wide capacity ranged plating rectifiers.


Static Transfer Switches

Uninterruptable transfer between two Independent sources.


Load Banks

Dummy load for performance tests of generators, UPS, transformers, alternators and test laboratories etc.


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