Brand Information International s.r.l. continuous the Revalco activity began in 1983 with the intention of working in the electrical and industrial automation and specializing on the control and measuring of electrical equipment.

From the beginning it has introduced a modern conception of the project, renewing on a technological product through a high attention to the problems generated by the needs of use and installation.

In International strategy , global quality is maintained to the high standard incorporated in the manufacture as managed by definite quality procedures supported by the Quality Assurance Officers.
Also specialization and reliability, combined with the constant pursuit of continuous improvement, are the key points to be a landmark in the Italian and worldwide market.
The range of products cover a full market range of Analogue and Digital instruments, ranging from standard Ammeters and Voltmeters through to sophisticated Electronic Analysers and Multifunction Metering Systems, for both flush Panel, Switchboard mounting and also for Din Rail mounting. These are supported by a wide range of associated equipment such as Current and Voltage Transformers and Shunts, Measurement Transducers, Control Relay and Surge Protection.

Other products available includes Time and Pulse Counters, Switches, Bells and Buzzers, Timers, Power Supplies, Earth Leakage measurement equipment, Safety Transformers for general use and Bell Transformers Din Rail Modular versions



  • Adjustable Transformers & Variable Resistors
  • Analogue Instruments
  • Digital Instruments
  • Energy kWh Meters
  • Equipment for Civil Automation
  • Equipments for Industrial Automation
  • Hourmeters
  • Impulse Counters
  • Measurement Transformers
  • Multimeter
  • Protection Relays
  • Pulse Counter
  • Selector Switches
  • Surge Protective Devices
  • Transducers

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