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Our success has been derived from a commitment to a philosophy based on quality, service, investment, competitiveness and innovation.

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Our corporate priniciples ensure you of the most innovative products that guarantee quality and keep you in total control

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Pegler is part of the Flow Control division whose general activities encompass the development, manufacture and sale of distribution products and systems for water, gas, energy, heating and cooling systems

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As part of the WEEE Regulations, we offer a free take-back service at the end of your electrical product's life


The Pegler Quality Management System is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.


As a supplier of over 15,000 lines, we deliver product world-wide from our UK based state-of- the-art distribution facility


Our organisation and our international profile offer a vast range of professional options.




Welcome to your own personalised Pegler web journey and experience, MyPY. The functionality within MyPY is tailored to your specific needs and requirements, whether you are a Consultant, Contractor, or Architect, or Plumber.

You can personalise presentations and brochures, build editable Pegler PowerPoint presentations, build Case Study portfolios, have full access and support for our extensive BIM library, and Training modules, and receive regular Pegler Marketing Bulletins with new s, stories and information specifically tailored to your requirements, and much more.





Push-fit fittings offer easy, fast and cost effective jointing. Heat free, demountable and highly flexible, these systems have major benefits compared with traditional jointing methods. 




A press-fit fitting is achieved through the exertion of pressure from a press-fit tool. A strong, reliable joint, made in a heat free environment using simple techniques. 




A grooved pipe joint is achieved in a flame free environment, with no requirement for special tools. A gasket enclosed in the coupling housing is placed around grooved pipes, creating a leak tight seal, giving a versatile, safe and easy to install piping system.




Compression joints are made when a pipe and a fitting are joined together using a compression ring and a compression nut. Highly reliable and versatile.




There are two types of capillary fitting - solder added to the mouth of the fitting, or solder already held in the fitting body. Heat makes the solder flow into the gap between the fitting and tube using capillary attraction, forming a sturdy reliable joint on cooling.


Radiator Valves

TRVs (Thermostatic Radiator Valves) are self regulating valves to control the temperature of radiators by changing the flow of hot water. With brands specifically for domestic and commercial environments, Pegler continue to lead the way.


Commissioning Valves

Commissioning valves are critical when optimising the efficiency of systems, utilising butterfly, ball, gate and globe versions as necessary.


Commercial Valves

In the world of commercial valves, quality and reliability are paramount. World class pedigree, reputation, utilising both traditional and new jointing technologies. Pegler commercial valves lead the world.


Plumbing Valves

Wherever there is plumbing, there are plumbing valves, in order that equipment can be isolated. Comprehensive ranges of gate, ball and service are all available.



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