Brand Information

Our history

It has been a long path from our beginnings as a motor constructor to producing our revolutionary vehicle barriers and pedestrian gates, but it has been a straight path. The common thread from our founding to the present has been our ability to develop drives and control systems. So our customers can always rely on comprehensive functionality, a high level of dynamism, and extraordinary durability.

Our roots


We are often asked why we are called Magnetic. The answer is simple: our journey began in Liestal in Switzerland in 1946 as a contract manufacturer of electric and servo motors – for which magnets are essential. In the mid-70s we decided to use our extensive experience to develop drives and control units not just as components, but also for complete systems. That was when our barriers and pedestrian gates were launched. This segment became what is now Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH in 1998, and the Schopfheim production site became the company’s new Headquarters.


Since then we have been marketing our barriers and pedestrian gates worldwide. In addition to our Headquarters in Schopfheim in the southern Black Forest, we maintain a global competence and sales network. We joined the FAAC Group in 2012. You also profit from the structures of this corporate alliance – through the vast sales network and wide-ranging product portfolio for automated drive units to regulate vehicle and pedestrian flows.


Our vision

We open worlds – offering highly integrated solutions as the basis for safe and reliable access management for vehicles and pedestrians.


Our mission

We remain the benchmark in innovation, quality and reliability – designing outstanding solutions that add value to our customers' business.


Our values

Customers, employees, sales partners, service providers, suppliers in Germany or at our parent company in Italy, and at our subsidiaries worldwide – our vehicle barriers and pedestrian gates bring a very wide variety of people together. We have given ourselves a binding Mission Statement in order to meet every expectation and ensure respectful and productive collaboration.


  • Barriers
    • ACCESS
      • Access-24V
      • Access Manual
      • Access Pro-L
      • Access Pro-H
      • Access XL2
      • Access XXL
    • Parking
      • Parking Pro
    • Toll
      • Toll
    • Traffic
      • Traffic H1
    • Barrier arms
    • Laser Scanner
  • Terminals
    • Car terminals
      • Terminal-MH, -MXL
    • Truck terminals
      • Terminal-ML
  • Pedestrian gates
    • FlowMotion® Access Control®
      • mTripod
      • mSwing
      • mWing
    • MP Access Control
      • MPS
      • MPW
      • MPR
      • MPH
    • Immigration
      • Immigration Gate
    • Perimeter Protection
      • MPT single
      • MPT double
      • MPG
      • MRG
    • Automated Fare Collection
      • MPR wing gates
      • MPW swing gates
      • MPH high swing gates
    • Boarding
      • Boarding Gate
  • System solutions
    • TerraPass®

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