Brand Information

Water is both the life-giving element and a powerful force that needs to be controlled to be used to our advantage. Mirian Ronchi, the founder of Mac3, had the foresight to develop innovative systems that would simplify the control of liquid levels.

In 1981, the Mac3 float switch model was born, introducing an innovative and reliable product model that had never been seen before. Since then, we have been designing and manufacturing high-quality and innovative solutions for level control. We offer a wide range of float switches and electronic pump controllers for single and multiple pump sets automation.

Our commitment to innovation, expertise, and reliability has made us a valuable partner and has built a strong trust-based relationship with our Italian and international clients. This is our identity, as emphasized by our slogan: TRUST MATTERS.



  • Electronic Pump Controllers
  • Level Control for Liquids
  • Accessories

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