Brand Information

Message from the representative of KDK Group

Kawakita Denki Kigyosha (KDK) has been an industry pioneer in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) since the establishment in 1909. We are committed to provide safe, reliable and environmental friendly products to our customers through the innovative and advanced technology of “Wind” and “Air”.

With extensive experience and professional know-how, we expand our businesses globally by collaborating with KDK business partners, providing customers with timely delivery and IAQ solutions and products, and actively developing value-added products to fit different markets by product diversification.

Now, apart from celebrating our 110th anniversary, we will continually make efforts to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities by promoting green and comfortable life and creating a healthy living environment to our trustworthy customers around the world.




KDK Brand

KDK is the short form for Kawakita Denki Kigyosha, which is the brand name, used by Panasonic Ecology Systems Co. Ltd. KDK now is one of the world leaders in producing high quality and high performance ventilating products. 2019 is KDK’s 110th anniversary, it symbolizes KDK has already contributed in professional in IAQ over 110 years.




KDK Mission

To be a Fan Specialist and Professional who improves Indoor Air Quality in residence by providing Premium Products for contributing to society.




Head Office

Principal Operating Divisions

KDK Company, Division of PES.
4017, Aza Shimonakata Takaki-cho, Kasugai, Aichi 486-8522, Japan





The Birth of KDK:

Company was founded as Kawakita Denki Kigyosha which was still an engineering company in electrical industry.




Mass Production of Electric Fan:

It started mass production and sold of ‘Typhoon type’ Electric Fan.




Uzumaki Guard founded:

A utility model Uzumaki Guard was applied for Electric Fan.




Registration of KDK trademark:

The 1st KDK trademark established.




Development of Ceiling fan:

The 1st ceiling fan was developed and launched in Japan.




Development of Ventilating Fan:

Company’s first Ventilating Fan with Shutter type went into operation.




The merger:

Established Osaka Denki Seiki Co., Ltd and started joint venture with Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co., Ltd to create Matsushita Seiko Co. Ltd and registered a new KDK Trademark in the following years.




70th Anniversary:

It produced a special Desk Fan as a memorial gift to celebrate the 70th Anniversary.



Establishment of distributors in overseas:

The success brought KDK to set up different distributors in Hong Kong, Philippines, Americas and Canada to explore the sales.



Dedication of Sales Representative:

KDK appointed Shun Hing Electric Works and Engineering Co. Ltd as Hong Kong Sales Representative.



Establishment of Sales Company in Indonesia:

PT. KDK Indonesia was set up to handle Indonesia business



Establishment of Sales Company in Malaysia:

KDK Fans (M) sdn. Bhd. was set up to handle Malaysia business



Company name changed:

Matsushita Seiko Co. Ltd was renamed as Matsushita Ecology Systems Co., Ltd and further changed to KDK Company, Division of PES 5 years later.




Enter a new era:

It would be 100th Anniversary for KDK.




Development of Wall Mount Ventilator

The first Wall Mount Ventilator developed




Development of Water Pump

The first Water Pump developed




Development of Energy Recovery Ventilator

The first Energy Recovery Ventilator developed




KDK 110th Anniversary

KDK 110th Anniversary celebration



 Ventilating Fan

 Electric Fan

 Air Purifier

 Ceiling Fan

 Air Moving Equipment

 Energy Recovery Ventilator

 Air Curtain

 Water Pump



 Hand Dryer

 Thermo Ventilator


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