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Johnson Controls: Enhancing the Intelligence of Buildings

Your buildings have a purpose. 

They are places for people to live or work. Facilities for learning or healing. Venues for entertainment and shopping. Sites for the specialized storage of tangible goods or mission-critical data. Your buildings have a huge variety of functions; they are central to your mission. 

This is where Johnson Controls comes in, helping drive the outcomes that matter most. Through a full range of systems and digital solutions, we make your buildings smarter. A smarter building is safer, more comfortable, more efficient, and, ultimately, more sustainable. Most important, smarter buildings let you focus more intensely on your unique mission. Better for your people. Better for your bottom line. Better for the planet.

At Johnson Controls, we’ve been making buildings smarter since 1885, and our capabilities, depth of innovation experience, and global reach have been growing ever since. Today, we offer the world’s largest portfolio of building products, technologies, software, and services; we put that portfolio to work to transform the environments where people live, work, learn and play.

Johnson Controls: The power behind your mission.


The Power Behind Your Mission

At Johnson Controls, we transform the environments where people live, work, learn and play. From optimizing building performance to improving safety and enhancing comfort, we drive the outcomes that matter most.

Dedicated to protecting the environment, we deliver our promise in industries such as healthcare, education, data centers, and manufacturing.



In 1885, long before anyone talked about carbon footprints or climate change, Warren Johnson launched a company to explore new ways to harness and conserve precious energy resources. 



  • HVAC Equipment
  • Fire Detection
  • Fire Suppression
  • Distributed Energy Storage
  • Digital Solutions
  • Industrial Refrigeration
  • Building Automation and Controls
  • Residential and Smart Home
  • Security
  • Retail Solutions
  • Oil and Gas


  • Operations Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Training Services
  • Product Documentation
  • Product Selection Tools
  • Energy and Efficiency Solutions
  • Design and Construction Solutions
  • Optimization and Retrofit Solutions
  • Systems Integration
  • Managed Services
  • Fire Maintenance and Support
  • Security Maintenance and Support
  • Replacement Parts and Supplies


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