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Born in 1986, we were able to achieve after a few years only, a worldwide leadership position in the production, strictly Made in Italy, of high-quality architectural lighting fittings.


Lighting design


Our lighting design team customize and follow-up each project in all its steps. The architectural features are enhanced through an aware use of light, working together with customers, and fully exploiting the potential of the chosen lighting fittings.

Strong of more than 35 years of experience, we can study all-inclusive and turnkey global lighting solutions, to provide a tangible added value and a tailored service.

Our know-how has led us, over time, to achieve important goals such as production excellence and recognition on the market. Since 1986 we have been working to create a corporate culture that our employees and customers can acknowledge.

Thanks to a careful industrial and commercial organization, we can offer a wide range of products suitable for any lighting requirement, both for indoors and outdoors. In addition to a series of services that make us a reliable and innovative partner.

Our brands


The Ivela company is established, offering lighting solutions in which lighting engineering and manufacturing boast an unceasingly evolving know-how.


The growing demand for the naval contract market led to the development of this division dedicated to marine hospitality lighting solutions.


Aria comes to light. Eclectic in & out solutions dedicated to lighting experts combine design and performance.



  • Indoor
    • 35 Suspended linear system
    • Downlights
    • IP rated downlights
    • Recessed systems
    • Semi-recessed/surface spotlights
    • Electrified tracks
    • Track lights
    • Ceiling lights
    • Pendants
    • Wall lights
    • Micro profiles and LED stripes
  • Outdoor
    • Exterior ingrounds
    • Exterior recessed wall lights
    • IP rated downlights
    • Exterior projectors
    • Bollards
    • Exterior wall lights
    • Exterior ceiling lights
    • Lighting globes

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