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Electric motors Felm

FELM has been operating in the electric motor sector since 1960 and has a well-consolidated background in the market of electrical machines.
Thanks to the considerable experience of its staff, it can guarantee a technical back-up able to satisfy the most sophisticated technical requirements, both installations and maintenance, ensuring an International Service to its customers.

Our offices and warehouse cover an area of 10.000 square meters
Felm has a large stock, motors from KW 0, 12 up to 800 kW in different speed and thank to this and to the great distribution net can guarantee a good product availability and fast delivery in all Italy and Europe



The designing is the phase of a project which, with the use of appropriate technical standards, calculations, specifications and designs, leads to the dimensional and functional definition.
And the qualification of the procedures necessary for the production of an electric motor.
The element that currently embraces the various design aspects is frequently the use of the CAD platform (Computer Aided Design), which makes up a type of language which is common in the greater part of activities traditionally linked to the technical design.



One of our great elements is our way of working
Thanks to our organization and the acknowledgment of our technical staff FELM is able to follow the customer in each phase of the order from the installation up to the test giving assurance.




Alumnium motors IE1/IE2/IE3

Cast Iron motors IE1/IE2/IE3

Cast Iron motors IE4

Cast Iron Compact Series IE1/IE2/IE3

Cast Iron Inverter duty

Cast Iron Compact Series Inverter duty

Medium Voltage IC 

Medium Voltage IC611 with Cooler 

Cast Iron IP23 IE1/IE2/IE3

Marine motors

Roller Table motors

Slip Ring motors

Water Jacket Motors

Nema motors

MEPS Motors

Special Motors

Brake motors



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