Brand Information

CIRCUTOR has over 40 years' experience and 6 production centres in Spain and the Czech Republic, working on the design and manufacture of units for improving energy efficiency: electrical energy and power quality measurement and control units, industrial electrical protection, reactive energy compensation and harmonic filtering, smart electric vehicle charging and, during the past few years: Renewable Energies.

Providing solutions with over 3,000 products in over 100 countries worldwide.


All the knowledge acquired during this time is reflected in our products, which are reliable, robust, easy to use and most importantly: innovative.

Own technology
CIRCUTOR has an R+D+i team composed of more than 60 engineers that design new products to satisfy the market demand, incorporating the most advanced technologies.

Test laboratories
The company has its own laboratories for electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC/EMI) and calibrations, and an official metrological verification laboratory, which can guarantee the quality of its products and ensure that they meet the highest quality standards.

New products
CIRCUTOR is committed to innovation as a way to follow the latest technological advances and incorporate these advances in its products.



  • Measurement and control
    • Fixed power analyzers
    • Measuring current transformers and shunts
    • Control devices
    • Energy management software
    • Portable power analyzers
    • Digital instruments
    • Analogue instruments
  • Metering
    • Multi-function electrical energy meters
    • Partial consumption energy meters
    • Accessories for energy meters
  • Protection and control
    • Industrial earth leakage protection
    • Earth leakage and circuit breaker protection with reclosing system
    • Relays and control elements
    • Protection current transformers
    • TS Measuring and verification units
    • Protection and control for electric vehicle
  • Power factor correction and Harmonic filtering
    • Power factor regulators
    • LV power capacitors
    • Automatic capacitor banks
    • Harmonic and EMI filters
    • HV power capacitors and switchgear
    • Medium voltage capacitor banks
  • Smart electric vehicle charging system
    • Smart outdoor recharge posts
    • Car park boxes
    • Accessories
  • Renewable energies
    • Instantaneous self-consumption
    • Self-consumption with storage
    • Off-grid self-consumption systems
    • String Monitoring devices for photovoltaic systems
  • Software
    • Solutions
      • PowerStudio
      • PowerVision
      • CRP Capacitor bank calculation software
      • CIRCUTOR MyCatalog (App)
    • Download
  • Featured

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