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Barrak plastic cloth factory was established in 2008 and its part of albarrak industrial group This factory equipped with a state of the art machineries and equipment in the industrial of weaving and netting and ropes . It become a worldwide well-known factory in type of industry. Under the international standards, that achieves quality, high performance and durability. The factory investment in R&D to guaranty the continuity of its high standards. The factory products include the plastic fabric for car parking shade and swimming pools, school yards, sport arena, public courts , plaza’s shades and tents, shade protection of trees and agriculture and agriculture crops and animal from strong winds and hail and sun. Also being used widely in building construction. In addition, the factory produce top quality rope up to 20mm. The guaranty that all of it product count in a percentage of UV that will improve the quality of the products in terms of resistance to sun and durability and strength. The Factory products comes in different colour and sizes and thickness .



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Thins knitted shade cloth is made from high density polyethylene and UV stability .It is constructed by monofilament and tape knitted lock stitch construction producing a fabric that is very strong and a stable outdoor fabric. The unique merge of monofilament and polymer tape technologies to create an entirely new type of knitted fabric. It offers the maximum sun protection and air circulation through the fabric to create a substantially cooler weather and utilized for long period and provides high level of tons and fray resistance. Its available in variety of contemporary colours. It is used in the following application Car shade. Swimming pool shade. School yard shade. Sports arena- public courts. Plazas and building entries. It comes in different width size, width 2m-3m-4m and maximum 50m. Length .


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Protection Shade : Barrak Commercial


Thins knitted shade cloth is made from high density polyethylene. It is constructed by monofilament lock stitch construction producing a fabric that is very strong and offers the maximum sun protection and air circulation through the fabric and weather change. It is used to overcome the weather change for improving the growth of agriculture plants and protection from dust, sandstorms and strong winds and also used to cover building under construction as scaffold nets. It is being used in the following applications. It comes in different weight heavy 90%, medium 70% and light 55% . And being used in the following application:- Shade protection of trees and agricultural crops and animals from strong winds and hail. - Reduce evaporation which saves water and control weather humidity. - It's very useful to protect plants from winter frost as well as hail storm and sun heat. - - Protection of small trees which provide good growth in less time and stop tree weed growth under tree roots and reduce insect movement around the tree. It protect crops such as dates, vegetable from birds as anti-birds- It protects animals from the sun and low temperatures during winter times. - -Protection shades of wind/sand and building cover -Its being used to reduce strong winds especially sand storms and as fencing agricultural projects and for covering building under construction. It is effective in sand creeping movement control and truck cover. In term of size width there are 6m-4m-2m and length according to customers' requirements .





Albarrak plastic factory introduced manufacturing rope in 2009 with a top quality, in terms of the monofilament used in making the rope, especially its users look vision , material no recycling at all. It is equipped with machinery that have the capacity to make up to 20mm diameter rope. -Rope are available in different thickness from 4mm to 20mm and in different lengths and color and packing quantity of role .


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