Al Barrak Automatic Doors

Al Barrak Automatic Doors


Brand Information

Al-Barrak Automatic Doors Factory was established by Eng. Saleh A. Al-Barrak, and has since then. At its inception, the company specialized in the manufacturing of domestic roll-up doors, industrial roll-up doors, tilt doors, classical doors and components for doors. The company proceeded to manufacture products under its own brand name and this began with the manufacturing of range-corrugated sheets for rolling doors. After two years of remarkable growth, in 1995, the company entered into an agreement with very Famous Companies involved in Door business such as gate Automation , CAME SPA – Italy, KEY ATA , COMMUNLO , QIKO , MANARAS , LIFT MASTER , GRIFCO , SUPER LEFT , MAMARANTIC , JLONG , ALPHA DOOR , NORTH WEST and became the authorized doors Representative for these firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, supplying products of superior quality to the people of the Kingdom. still going strong as a company committed to delivering world class products, Al-Barrak ventured on to manufacture corrugated sheets and this product range grew very rapidly and was recently extended again to include slat rolling shutters, grille rolling shutters (galvanized and aluminum),Stainless Steel fire rated shutters and window shutters, in its already very vast line of products. At the automatic doors factory, the hollow metal doors & frames are manufactured, in addition to superior quality isolated fire proof doors enhanced by workmanship to meet requirements for different market sectors catering to healthcare, industries, hospitality and others in Saudi Arabia, Arabian Gulf and the entire Middle East. By 1998’s AL-Barrak Hold UL international certificate for Hollow Metal Door and became hugely successful in supplying all kind of automatic doors& components to a large number of companies throughout the GCC & Middle East countries, and had established itself as a brand that delivers unprecedented levels of quality in its manufactured products . Avery large number of companies have relied on and continue to rely on Al-Barrak manufactured products to complement their own businesses. As of today the company, headquartered in Al-Hassa, employs 1000 personnel who work at over 40 branches across the Kingdom. Al-Barrak continues to expand its set of business lines which span domains as diverse as manufacturing in glass , gases and fabric clothed shade, consulting, safety , contracting , travel ,elevators and solar Energy . Over all these years, if there is one thing that has remained constant for the company, it is its passion for excellence , in 2013 AL Barrak Automatic Door Factory Joined Al Barrak Group In 2017 Al Barrak Group has obtained an ISO certificate for the purpose to ensure the quality of internationally agreed requirements.



Our Products

Al Barrak Automatic Doors Factory is one of the country's leading manufacturers and installers of Automatic Doors and components to both the domestic and industrial sectors of Saudi Arabia. Our company has rooted itself on the Saudi Market since we have established a widely connected marketing net in almost every city in Saudi Arabia , meanwhile we are also exploring the international market positively , our Doors and components have been exported to the middle East and GCC countries. Al Barrak Garage Doors and Industrial Doors combine strength and style , offering the client's variety of options , if you are planning a new garage door for your home or industrial doors for your projects and require advice on Door models in Saudi Arabia , we can give you the information that you need in order to choose doors that best suit your needs.

Automatic Doors

Residential Garage Doors


Tilt Doors

Sectional Overhead Garage Doors

Domestic Roll-up Garage Doors

Panorama Sectional Door


Industrial Rolling Shutter

Fire Rolling&Counter Shutter

Heavy Duty Rolling Shutters

Perforated Vision Doors

Insulated Slat Rolling Shutters

Industrial Sectional Overhead Garage Doors

Light Duty Roller Doors

Spiral Insulated Door

Industrial Flexible Doors – Speed Traffic

Grill Doors


Gate Operators And Road Barriers

Road Blocker & Tire Killer

Retractable Bollards

Road Barriers

Swing Gate Operators (ATI)

Swing Gate Operators (Floor Type-Sub Motor)

Industrial Sliding Gate Operators


Hollow Metal Doors

Al Barrak Hollow Metal Door Fire Rated


Electronic Shade



Awning System

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