Brand Information

1NUO Brand ductile iron grooved pipe fittings is spreading all over the world & winning the appreciations from users at home & abroad.

1NUO ductile iron grooved couplings & fittings including Rigid /Flexible Coupling, Grooved Elbow, Grooved Tee, Grooved Flange, Grooved Mechanical Tee, Grooved Cap etc.

The grooved couplings & fittings are popularly used in connect & pipes both wet and dry systems. Grooved  coupling and fittings give some flexibility in terms of movement and deviation in the plumbing system

Grooved Coupling and Fittings

U Bolted mechanical tee 1NUO

U-Bolted Mechanical Tee

11.25 degree elbow 1NUO

11.25° Elbow

22.5 degree elbow 1NUO

22.5° Elbow

45 degree elbow 1NUO

45° elbow

90 degree elbow 1NUO

90° Elbow

cap 1NUO


cross 1NUO


grooved adoptor flange 1NUO

Grooved Adoptor Flange

grooved split flange 1NUO

Grooved Split Flange

Grooved Eccentric reducer 1NUO

Grooved Eccentric Reducer

mechanical cross grooved 1NUO

Mechanical Cross (Grooved)

mechanical cross threaded 1NUO

Mechanical Cross (Threaded)

mechanical tee grooved 1NUO

Mechanical Tee (Grooved)

mechanical tee threaded 1NUO

Mechanical Tee (Threaded)

reducer grooved 1NUO

Reducer (Grooved)

reducer threaded 1NUO

Reducer (Threaded)

reducing cross grooved 1NUO

Reducing Cross (Grooved )

reducing cross threaded 1NUO

Reducing Cross (Threaded)

reducing tee grooved 1NUO

Reducing Tee (Grooved)

reducing tee threaded 1NUO

Reducing Tee (Threaded)

Rigid coupling 2 1NUO

Rigid Coupling

tee 1NUO


90 degree elbow . 1NUO

90° Elbow

bushing 1NUO


cross silver 1NUO

Cross Silver

fexilble coupling 1NUO

Fexilble Coupling

Rigid coupling 3 1NUO

Rigid Coupling

Rigid coupling 1NUO

Rigid Coupling

tee silver 1NUO

Tee Silver

hexagone nipples 1NUO

Hexagone Nipples

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