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Thermokon – Home of Sensor Technology

For more than 30 years, THERMOKON is recognized worldwide for leveraging standards in intelligent buildings with engineering, innovation and quality “Made in Germany”. Thanks to the development and production of sophisticated sensors and sensor systems we are creating an additional benefit for our customers all over the world. We focus on efficiency, sustainability and openness to new fields of technology as well as a close cooperation and thorough dialogue with our clients.

As a leader for innovation with a broad scope of applications we are continuously developing our portfolio further and offer decisive benefits with regards to product-related values, customized solutions and engineering. Our complete range of products is designed to energy-efficient buildings.

From a Single Product to a System Solution

What started with the foundation of Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH by Harald Zygan in 1987 has evolved to a success story quickly: The initial specialization on temperature sensors for the boiler industry was soon followed by an extension of the portfolio to sensor solutions for the detection of relative humidity, air quality and brightness. Those products laid the foundation for energy-efficient products within our systems and solutions.

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  • EasySens®
    • Room Operating Units
    • Sensors
    • Light/Motion
    • Input Modules
    • Window Contacts
    • Switches
    • Gateways
    • Actuators
    • Repeaters
  • IntoMesh (BLE)
    • IntoMesh Switches
  • Room Climate Control
    • Room Operating Units/Controller
    • Fan Coil Thermostat
    • Room Sensors Climate+Air Quality
    • Room Sensors Light/Motion
    • Room Hygrostats
  • Outdoor Sensors
    • Outdoor Sensors Climate+Air Quality
    • Outdoor Sensors Climate+Light
  • Duct Sensors
    • Duct Sensors Climate+Air Quality
    • Duct Hygrostats
  • Cable/Contact Sensors
    • Contact Sensors
    • Cable Sensors
    • Surface Sensors
  • Frost Protection/Condens./Leakage
    • Frost Protection Thermostats
    • Condensation Monitors
    • Leakage Detectors
  • Pressure/Velocity
    • Air Pressure Sensors
    • Air Pressure/Liquid Sensors
    • Liquid Sensors
  • Power Thyristors
    • Single-phase
    • Three-phase
  • Accessories
    • Mounting accessories

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