Under-vehicle detection and container inspection systems

أنظمة الكشف عن المركبات وفحص الحاويات


معلومات الخدمة

Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS)


IRD's Under Vehicle Area Scanner (UVAS) uses color area scanning technology to effectively scan and inspect the undercarriage of vehicles to search and analyze images for explosive devices, suspicious objects or contraband such as drugs and weapons. The system is ideal for government, military, transportation, and corporation facilities requiring security checkpoints for vehicles such as vans, tractor trailers, buses, and passenger vehicles.

You can view the entire length of the vehicle in real time and in full color. There is no waiting like with other systems and no need for an expensive control unit. See it live with no delay. Full high-definition color, even with vehicles moving up to 75 km/h (45 MPH). The scanning camera is available from 500 FPS up to 900 FPS.

The UVAS's high-resolution digital color camera gives you clear, sharp images. Bright white, high-intensity LED-based lighting illuminates the vehicle’s undercarriage so details aren’t lost in shadows. With the full length light arrangement and specially designed camera angle the wheel wells and other under-carriage details are easy to capture, so there is no need to add any additional auxiliary cameras for hard to view areas.

This heavy duty under vehicle inspection system comes with built in Scanner and Light arrangements. The weight bearing capacity for standard systems is 78 tons and an optional 110 ton capacity is available upon request. Harsh environments, rugged terrain and extreme temperatures were taken into consideration while designing this system.


The threats government, military, and private corporations face from terrorism and criminal activity are very real. The need for advanced security measures has never been greater. IRD is here to provide you with those solutions. The IRD UVAS Under Vehicle Surveillance System is a one-of-a-kind security tool in design, durability and use. The UVAS captures high-resolution, full-body images at up to 900 frames/second allowing it to record images of vehicles traveling up to 75 km/h.


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