Barrak Glass Factory

Company Info

Company Information

Albarrak Group is a glass supplier in Saudi Arabia. It entered the glass business , the first processing facility was established in 2005 at the industrial city of Al-Hassa.

As a leading glass processor,,,, the facility is able to undertake all forms of glass treatment such as tempering, sand blasting, Laminated Glass, Smart Glass, double glazing, curved and glass blocks as per the specific requirements of a client.

There are now, some new Al-Barrak Glass Factories that are strategically located at Riyadh, Al- Qassim and khamis Mushait and Jeddah to ensure a supply of high quality glass that meets the rapidly expanding needs of Saudi Arabian architects, construction companies and building industries.

All our plants have a comprehensive electronic inspection system which is used right from the beginning of processing through to the final stages of work.

Our range of processing equipment allows us to achieve any finish that is physically possible with glass.

From well known manufactories companies including :- BOTTERO –BAVILONEY-LISEC– North glass

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