Precast Concrete - Hollow Core/Double Tee Slabs - Cladding Panels - Boundary/Covers/Frames for Walls/Column - GRC Cement



Product Information

Hollow core slabs are precast slabs of pre-stressed concrete typically used in the construction of floors in multi-storey residential, commercial, office, and industrial buildings. It is also possible to use hollow core slabs in vertical or horizontal installations as walls or noise barriers.

Double Tees are common precast flooring elements for larger projects. Parking Garages frequently utilize this cost-effective solution to support vehicle loads on fewer columns to increase available parking stalls.

Precast concrete is poured and molded over rebar or wire and then cured offsite. This involves pouring concrete into pre-made molds and then cured under ideal conditions within the manufacturing plant itself.

Precast concrete cladding panels are individual units which are attached to the external frame of a building to enclose it. They may be load bearing, or they may be just decorative to act as a façade.

Boundary wall / Fence Wall System (Split face) blocks:

This new system is perfect for a wide variety of uses, including the construction of small walls, big walls, massive fence walls, windbreaks and noise barriers.     

Main Advantages:                                                                                            • High compressive strength.
• Fast & solid construction.
• No plaster, no painting & no maintenance cost.
• Complete system.
• Different colors.
• High quality long lasting durability color system.


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