Constant Power Solutions CPS


Brand Information

Constant Power Solutions (CPS) are one of the leading Generator & Power Equipment Manufacturers in the UK, and we pride ourselves on the high quality and excellent performance of our power equipment. The CPS branding of ‘MADE IN THE UK’ encompasses the exceptional service we offer, both in our Sales and Manufacturing departments, emphasizing the high standard of UK manufacturing as a whole.




Open Set Generators

Built from thick steel, the skid base for our open type generators are robust and complete with high-quality UK AVM’s (anti-vibration mounts).


Soundproof Generators

Our Soundproof Diesel generators are expertly designed to ensure that noise levels are minimal. Every detail, no matter how minor, is taken care of.



Containerised Generators

Built into a corrugated metal container, with an aluminum reinforced floor, our containerised generators are suitable for various applications.



Medium & High Voltage

We ensure that our high & medium voltage generator solutions are made to match your mission critical, standby and prime applications.



Gas Generators

Our Gas generators are suitable for prime or standby applications, the can operate in mains parallel operation mode or in standby modes



Bespoke Generators

We love to sit down with our clients and their end-users to build and design the best bespoke solution to meet their individual needs.

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