Brand Information

Since 1957, BELGICAST offers the widest range of technical solutions for water control. The aim is to offer a complete range of products and solutions for the efficient handling of the vital resource “water”. The brand and its products have become well-known all over the world. In 1995 the firm joined Tyco Waterworks, and it became TALIS in 2010.


Complete range of products & solutions

BELGICAST is a leader company in the manufacturing of gate valves, check valves and butterfly valves, as well as universal couplings, flanged adaptors and saddles. The range of products features diameters from 20 up to 2200mm and nominal pressures up to 250 bar.


European manufacturing

BELGICAST has several production centers within the Spanish territory, we have manufacturing facilities in Legutiano, Toledo and Munguia, where the headquarters are based, this is the operations center where the processes and organization of the various product lines are managed. Moreover, BELGICAST has an extensive network of offices and sales representatives throughout the Spanish territory.



BELGICAST products are approved by the most prestigious organisations all over the world, such as ISO, NF, KIWA, DVGW, WRAS, ÖVGW, GOST, FM, VDS and they have acknowledged our products and their suitability for drinking water. A cutting-edge traceability system applied from the reception of raw material to product supply, together with an exhaustive control of processes, guarantees the top quality of our products.



Smart solutions

Isolation Valves

Control Valves

Network Protection


Connection and Repair

House Connection

Sewage solutions



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