معلومات العلامة التجارية

Alrouf Electrical Accessories Manufacturer started business early in 2003, and has taken care to its customers and maintenance quality ever since. To this end the company employs a highly efficient team with long experience in a variety of specialization. We are confident of executing our work to the highest standards and quality. The company leads in the field of electrical accessories.
The product of Boxes consists of :

  • Made from galvanized steel sheet produced by Hadeed Company (SABIC). ASTM-A653.
  • G90(275 grams / m2) of galvanized steel has been used to guarantee high resistance to corrosion.
  • Knockouts are designed and made to be open easily and suitable for all electrical conduits.
  • Designed and produced to guarantee its fitness during all stages of installation and operation.
  • Provide with earth terminals.
  • Meets the Saudi and British standards

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