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The kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnessed considerable development was accompanied by another remarkable development in the general taste while choosing the different varieties of paints.

In Rose Paints we are proud to have been partners in the paint industry since 1972 in cooperation with the best international companies from Italy and Britain.

The activities of the establishes of the Arabian Building Chemicals Factory in the field of building materials and exportation, importation derivatives, more than four decades, kept pace with the general development in the Kingdom, and they established close working relationships with a number of British, Italian and other international companies operating in this field. Hence the idea of manufacturing these products locally emerged in the year 1989.

Within a short period following its establishment, the Arabian Building Chemicals Factory managed to occupy the special position it deserves as one of the pioneer paint, varnish, and solvent producing factories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This was accomplished with God’s grace and thanks to the generous support from the government of the Custodian, together with the spirit of diligence and hard work from the part of all the staff of the Arabian Factory, aiming at the implementation of the comprehensive quality system according to the international standard specifications and the organization of laboratory research, while applying the most sophisticated technology and the stat of art in all the stages of production.

During the progress of the Arabian factory, it was inevitable for its management to cope efficiently and adequately with the various market problems, using clear marketing and advertising strategies coupled with new methods of product introduction and opening of local and foreign markets while responding adequately to the needs of the customers.

In order to meet the increasing demand inside and outside the kingdom, the higher management took the decision of executing a huge expansion of the Arabian Factory with a view of doubling and diversifying the production of paints and their derivatives. For this purpose agreement was reached with a big Spanish company specialized in this field in order to execute the above-mentioned expansion.

The project started with choosing a new location for the Arabian Building Chemicals Factory in Kilo 12 in Jeddah-Makkah Almukarramah Road. The total area of the land plot on which the factory and its various facilities is established is 28,000 square meters.
Using the state of art technology with the aid of new sophisticated machines, applying advanced technology supervised and operated by professionals of high scientific and technical standard, automatic vertical production serials were reached giving the current productivity of about 50 thousand metric tons annually.

Our products now include varieties of paints, varnishes, and solvent blends. The management exerts efforts to diversify production, and establish production lines for new varieties with increasing demands such as: artificial pants, vehicle paints, vehicle paints, road signs paints, and innovative paints for décor works.

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