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Company Information

M&I Est. is a specialized electromechanical manufacturer & service provider establishment who offer customized goods and services.
We are proud to serve vast number of clients in industrial, commercial and residential sector. Either you chose one of our standard products or need our help to study, design, manufacture and install unique solution for your own needs; We always guarantee you a high-quality product, full technical support and after sales service. Our products are appreciated for being unique, high performance, durable, reliable, low maintenance, easy operation, and of longer service life.

We are also involved in providing technical consultation, Engineering, contracting services mainly to install our products / solutions; However, we accept any challenge and can carry out electromechanical works according to the highest norms and standards and fully meet the individual requirements of the client.

M&I Est. will strive always to push forward, to break new boundaries and to seize emerging opportunities in the research, design and implementation of engineering solutions.

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