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Company Info

Company Information

CRES is one of the leaders in the construction and development market; we offer comprehensive
engineering solutions, technical assistance, and quality applications for our specialized services.
CRES is a professional contracting company, it’s a part of KCG (Kabbani Construction Group)
under the umbrella of IKK Group (Isam Khairi Kabbani Group of Companies) established in 1985 in
response to the growing demand for industrial Insulation and Cladding, Fireproofing, Industrial
Flooring, Anti Corrosive treatment, Painting, and Scaffolding Services. We belong to the group’s
service division which mean our customers have access to extensive capacities of one of the
middle east specialized services companies. KCG operates in a wide range of areas, focusing
on offering sustainable solution due to market demand. our group KCG, is the leading provider
of industrial services in the Middle East.
The Company serves the entire Saudi market through its numerous branches across the
Kingdom, as well as the Middle East by way of its affiliates in the UAE, Egypt, Lebanon Bahrain,
Oman, Qatar, & Kuwait.

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