Hempel Paints - Saudi Arabia

Company information
We’re guardians of our customers’ most valuable assets. From bridges and boats to power stations and homes, our coatings can be found around the globe, protecting our customers’ assets and equipment from corrosion. They bring colour to our homes and places of work, and extend the service lives of assets and equipment, increasing return on investment.

But we do much more than just protect and beautify. We work closely with customers to find solutions to their biggest challenges. We help them optimise their processes, reduce maintenance costs, cut down on waste and improve environmental performance.

Our customers trust us with their most valuable assets. We earn this trust every day through our technical expertise and the superior performance of our coating solutions.
Product Brand Approval
Waterproofing Materials Bitumen Coatings Membranes Hempel
Resinous Flooring - Epoxy Paint Flooring Hempel
Internal Painting - Special Hygienic Wall Paint - Emulsion Wall - Semi Glossy Paint - Anti Bacterial Paint Hempel
Polyurethane Foam - PU Foam Hempel
Protective Coatings - Paints - Sprays Hempel