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aspire to. At Atad Engineering Services, we have walked at a steady pace and since 2015 AD from London until we arrived, thanks to God, to the heart of Riyadh in 2021 AD to establish the Middle East Association for Engineering, Industrial, Building and Construction Services.
Itad Middle East has begun a new phase as an extension of the growth and prosperity process witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to keep pace with the vision of 2030 AD to provide many pioneering services that carry with it many opportunities and methods that achieve and enable success and excellence.
We worked at Atad with care and diligence to be one of the strongest and best companies in the field of engineering and industrial services and to have leadership in the field of construction and building with what we have of experts, capabilities, operating methods and distinct management that go hand in hand with follow-up and evaluation systems based on international standards in quality.
We at Atad Middle East are proud to be one of the companies that support the realization of the Kingdom’s vision and contribute to economic development and architectural renaissance by investing in major projects, providing job opportunities and training qualified people to be able to produce and contribute to construction and development as befits our kingdom’s ambitious vision and in line with our hopes for Middle East League.

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