Al-Mousa Trading Company

Company Info

Company Information

It was established in 1971, specialized in pumping equipment , carry out and installation submersible pumps , , submersible motors , domestic pumps .fire extinguishing systems , sewage , sewage pumps , all types of cables ( flat , rubber , pvc ) , valves and spare parts ,the company is proud to be the biggest supplier of submersible pumps and motors across the kingdom.
In addition to that , the company can deal professionally with all pumps and motors problems through an excellent experienced engineers and technicians and We do our best to improve our work to have the customer satisfaction at high standards.
The company presents a well- known pumps manufacturers &a leading global supplier in this business sector such as GRUNDFOS , FRANKLIN , TORMAC,VARUNA ,GPM , PANILE, IMPO.

Water treatment is technology-driven and heavily regulated, and you need a partner who offers pump, dosing and disinfection solutions for the entire water treatment process.

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