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Electric power generation is considered the company’s principal activity. Its mission is to provide electricity and enough generating capacity using highly reliable and high-readiness production techniques to meet the growing demand for electricity. The company achieves this with an optimum use of resources and investing all capabilities towards reaching its main purpose, i.e., decreasing the cost of electrical power production. The transmitted power produced from the company’s generation stations is regarded as the main source of electrical power in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a participation rate of 54% of the total electrical power in 2019.

The Generation activity’s plans focus on the operation and maintenance of the power plants, and reinforcing their capacities and reliabilities to meet the growing demand for electrical power. In this respect, in 2019, the generation activity accomplished many notable achievements, summarized as follows:
• Total energy produced from power stations increased by 12.7% of the energy planned for production during the year.
• Projects to convert the operation of units from diesel to crude oil achieved net savings of about SR 324 million in 2019, which represent the difference between the crude oil and diesel price of the consumed quantities during the year for all converted units since the beginning of the project.
• New capacities estimated at 396 MW were added and with a growth of 0.8% of the total available capacities at the beginning of 2019, as follows:

Two gas generation units (for future combined-cycle) at Waad Al-Shamal Power Plant in the Eastern sector, with a total added capacity of 396 MW.


Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) offers vendors and manufacturers, whether from within or out of kingdom, the opportunity to register with SEC so as to be included in the approved list of vendors and manufacturers to supply needed materials, spare parts, tools, and equipment required to carry out its works. To enable SEC to know the potentials and capabilities of the vendors in all aspects, you are requested to fill up the registration form by clicking the link below and to complete all the necessary requirements; the form and certificates should be valid, stamped, and documented by the concerned authorities.


References: (2019 Annual Report).




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