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Since its establishment in 2001, Modon has been undertaking the development and supervision of industrial lands and integrated infrastructure. Today, it oversees 35 existing and under development industrial cities across the Kingdom, in addition to private industrial cities and complexes. Notably, the area of developed industrial lands has exceeded 198.8 million square meters to date, and existing industrial cities comprise 3,600 operational factories and 6,301 logistics and service contracts employing a total of 500,000 employees, including 16,825 Saudi women and 184,000 Saudi men.

Modon operates according to a clearly-defined strategy to fully utilize all the benefits of government-private partnerships. It successfully offered many incentives in industrial cities, thereby attracting leading international industrial companies as well as foreign investments that add value to the Saudi industry sector. Modon also made great progress in its internal partnerships and attracted more than SAR 367 billion in investments to date. In the midst of the ongoing global industrial transformation, Modon formulated many mechanisms to stimulate the participation of small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs, and major local companies in the Kingdom’s industrial development, thereby contributing to the realization of Vision 2030’s industry-dependent economic diversification goals. Modon’s strategy for empowering industry and increasing local content relies on developing more services and products is centered around an innovative vision that meets the requirements of private sector partners and enhances their participation in economic diversification in line with Vision 2030. This includes its initiatives in the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP) as well as the provision of many products, such as industrial lands with developed infrastructure and services, lands allocated for investment in developing facilities and services, prefabricated factories that have between 700-1,500 square meters in area, and logistics solutions distributed in the Kingdom’s main provinces.​Finally, Modon fosters the highest levels of quality and institutional excellence to achieve the expected outcomes of its strategy, which seeks to develop model industrial cities that utilize innovative technologies to meet the needs of partners and enhance their satisfaction, and as well as support the growth of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs.



To cultivate an intelligent industrial and technological environment that effectively enables the industry and contributes to the national economy’s development​.



To develop and manage industrial cities and technology zones that enable sustainable growth in an optimal economic environment.​



Giving: Our ongoing endeavor is to support economic growth based on transferring and localizing.

Commitment: We are committed to creating a model investment environment that meets the ambitions of our partners and promotes industry development plans in the Kingdom.

Initiative: We initiate and develop the best products and services for the industrial community.

Enabling: Enabling our private sector partners to contribute to the diversification of national income for a prosperous economy.


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As part of its efforts to upgrade the quality of services provided, MODON has developed an electronic portal to communicate with its suppliers. This has created a significant impact on the quality of performance, speed of service delivery, and the opening of more effective communication channels.


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